Miss Vulpine Eldrich first heard news of Caledon from reading a copy of the announcement declaring it as an Independent State. Intrigued with how such a thing could come to be, she visited and liked what she saw. Shortly after finding it, she managed to congratulate the owner, Desmond Shang, in person at an impromptu mad hatter's tea party being given for him by his friends. Silly hats were both mandatory and free. It proved a memorable experience, particularly after it degenerated into a shooting spree, with the targets being cupids. 􀀀

Her first formal ballroom dance occured at the christening of the Crystal Pavilion in Caledon II, long since sadly gone. Not long thereafter, a masquerade ball was held there, and after that her ties to Caledon only grew stronger as friends moved in and she made new ones among the citizenry.

In August of 2006, she and her friends bought horses, which led to her most enduring project, the Mount Caledon Troopers - a group whose current headquarters are in the southeast corner of Caledon Cay. Their weekly rides have been attended by many people for over a year.

In the fall of 2007, she became an official landholder in Caledon as one of the founders of Caledon Stormhold. Her marble dance pavilion, aptly named the Overlook Pavilion, is open to anyone wishing a place to dance or rest with that special someone.

While she is sometimes human and sometimes pink vixen, she always strives to be considerate and gracious to those around her. When asked to describe herself beyond that, however, the gift of words which has led to the writing of several good stories deserts her. She merely shrugs, laughs, and replies, "I'm just me."

In July of 2008 Miss Eldrich took over a blog for the Tiny Empires game in Second Life, where she is a princess in the Kingdom of Caledon.

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