"Duke" of Caledon Caer Firnas and Proprietor of Volare's Mercantile & Trade.

With the move of House Glamorgan, a fertile niche was left open for the more opportunistic entrepreneur classes. After fending off or buying out a number of competitors, Volare planted his flag at the island's airship moorage and established the region as Caledon Caer Firnas. Rumors point to his use of the region in facilitating discreet commercial endeavors.

While by no means a recluse, Mr. Volare is rarely seen aside from Society functions. This has led to rumours of piracy, cavorite smuggling, and other dastardly dealings. Many of these wild accusations he has denied, some he has encouraged.

A lover of aircraft and flight, Volare rarely makes ground, and can often be found testing aircraft in the skies over Caledon. At other times, he can be found wandering the decks of Caledon SteamSkyCity inspecting the infrastructure. His shop at No.3 Steam Skycity is home all manner of creations, from ancient relics to the work of talented steampunk designers from across the Realm of The Roses. On the roof, the SSC Provisional Aerodrome provides a landing place for visitors and residents of SSC. The banked approach, short runway, and numerous obstructions has been called "tricky" be some pilots, so caution is advised.

He and his partner Fogwoman Gray regularly host dances and events to bring guests into SSC.

Mr Volare has no comment on certain recent disappearances, and flatly denies allegations that he invented "Bling." He is also a contributing author to The Caledon Strand magazine

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