There are things in Caledon that were never meant to see daylight. Some people hide their treasures or their vices in sky platforms, while others bury them underground. If you poke about some, touch the right objects, say the right words, walk through the proper walls, you will discover that there is more to Caledon than meets the eye.

Here are some places you may poke around and possibly find some adventure:

  • Caledon Moors - the cavorite mines have more than minerals in them. Do be careful in there!
  • Caledon Victoria City - the sewer works can be accessed from several spots around the sim and contain some surprises for the explorer. Linked through to tunnels in Caledon Rothesay.
  • If you find the little plot in Brigadoon with a stone skull on it, go examine the skull. You will discover that it holds some interesting secrets.
  • Caledon Cay - Behind a small notice on a pillar in the Central square of Caledon Cay you may find a small door. This leads to the secret caves of the abandoned smugglers' den.
  • On one of the islands beneath Steam Sky City, there are industrial tunnels that bear exploration.

Sometimes, the hidden treasures are not under the ground, but under the water. It is definitely worth your while to don a diving helmet and wander around on the floor of the lochs, channels and harbours.

  • There are underwater tunnels starting at the north end of Port Caledon, just by the cathedral.

If you know of other hidden places under Caledon, by all means add them to the list here. But please, do not be too specific - leave some mystery in it.