My given name at birth was Syliqui Nightfire. Being born an Elf, I lived a life of privilage most humans never experience. Imagine, if you will, dancing after your studies with the Fae of a forest or having birds join your song. Yes a lovely childhood indeed.

Why am I no longer there you ask?. I left home at an early age, well for an Elf that is, under my father's command and for my own protection. Before you ask, no I have no idea what danger I was in. I never returned home, instead I made my way to a lovely enchanted forest called Avillion Grove. There I made friends with the fae and dragons. I danced by the fire every evening playing my harp and listening to Bard's tales.

How was I to know that one day my life would change from doing just that? I was dancing by the fire, laughing and chatting with the Fae as usual when a handsome stranger made his way to the fire. The fae of course bade him join in the dance and he did, but for some strange reason he claimed the fae dance was much too feminine. One would think he could just change his dance as he wished, yet he did not.

In any case, I said to the stranger that if he preferred he could dance with me. After a very long pause a human warrior woman I had befriended kicked him into answering me. Dance with me he did and he has yet to leave my side to this day. We were married not long after and I became Mrs. Ballinger. I am wife to a human and a mother to his child.

Not long after our son was born we left the forest. It had lost its magic for us. The folk of the woods... not always what they seem. We made our way to Caledon and here we have found peace and made our home.

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