Formerly the "Caledon Forums", the site was rebranded as Steamlander™ on August 1st, 2009.

No longer limited in scope to Second Life or Independent State of Caledon, now serves as a gateway to the entire Steampunk, Victorian, Gaslamp Fantasy and 19th Century Roleplay community.

  • Slogan "Steamlander: Portal to virtual Lands of Steam and Beyond!"
  • Basic Membership is free, with a Premium Membership being developed for transition to 3D world interface.
  • The top five Headlines forums (news of the realm, announcements and letters to editor, society, classifieds, news from abroad) are publicly readable. Access to the rest of the board requires a free registration including added procedures intended to cut down on spammers and other malicious users.
  • Still largely visited by members of the Caledon community, but transitioning to making all feel welcome.

Historical information about the former Caledon Forums Edit

File:Caledon Forums Original.png
File:Caledon Forums New Look.png
File:Caledon Forums Seal.png
  • As of late December 2007 the Forums also provided a gateway to the Caledon Wiki, and on January 1st, 2008 the Caledon Wiki commenced using the same aetheric presses to publish from the same host site as the forums.

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