My new life began on a snowy field. I still cannot recall exactly what transpired; the doctors say I am suffering from shock.

Shock and grief. But, I just turned 18 years of age and I am strong.

Funny how memory works. I remember Mama's death due to fever. I remember being sent away to be educated abroad to learn English, literature, and other important subjects.

I remember receiving news of a coup at home and that Papa was betrayed by heinous villains.

After that, my memory is faulty. I remember being afraid, my brother Edouard and I moving constantly, not knowing what to do or on whom we could trust. I am told my dear brother is dead, but I don't remember that. Poor sweet Edouard. It's difficult to grasp that I am without family.

The mind blocks events that are too painful. I will forever be grateful to my new guardian, Sir Telemachus Dean. The doctor told me Sir Telemachus saved my life. At the inn, servants, swooning at the sight of the handsome Sir Telemachus, filled in many details of my rescue, some of which may be true, although I doubt he can fly and control the weather.

He has no reason to take me in, other than gallantry and strength of character, so I am determined to be of use. I know I can learn how to be a secretary or house manager. I know I am young and awkward and that my life has, until now, been one of books.

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