Miss Widdershins is that most dangerous of exotic creatures, a female member of the press. Fortunately, as the owner/editor of Prim Perfect, Second Life’s first (and only) magazine dedicated to our homes and gardens, her journalism seems to take a benign form.

Rezzed on 19th January 2007, Miss Widdershins’ initial explorations were rather adventurous and led to her finding herself the owner of a rather beautiful but unfurnished castle. When she came to look for advice on how to furnish it (the kind of advice so prolifically given to those wishing to purchase the latest skin, hat or shoes) she found there was nothing – and this resolved her determination to supply it herself. Hence Prim Perfect was born – both magazine and blog.

And so Miss Widdershins is a sweet and innocent exotic, the acceptable face of Grub Street? Possibly ... But is there a more wicked side to our Editress too?

Founding citizen of Caledon Glengarry.

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