Guvnah Desmond Shang once described the "peers" of Caledon as falling into one or more of six broad categories:

  • Anyone with a Duchy or equivalent--i.e. an openspace or void sim.
  • Anyone with 1/4 sim worth of land (16,384 m2 minimum).
  • Anyone with a foreign title they had been using prior to Caledon.
  • The Knights of Caledon.
  • A small group of "royals"; Vicereine Kamilah Hauptmann was mentioned by name, plus some old supportive friends he considers Princesas in their own right.
  • "Anyone with sheer temerity who shows up and really plays the part!"

Peer is one of the ten roles recognized within the Independent State of Caledon group in-world. (So are Knight of Caledon, Princesa, and Vicereine among others.)

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