I am the princess of the nymphs water witches of a very very far away world. Those witches are dedicated to save the endangered species and they send me to stay at Earth to study and understand the ways we can protect her.

Soon I found Caledon, a wonderful place for a good witch, where I live in a simple but lovely and cozy cottage at Cape Wrath, just near the sea. I paint the flora and fauna to know human people how they are beautiful and how they can disappear for ever.

Always pursued for the another bad dark side of the witches, that are envying my beautiful human avatar, I try to meditate and get in touch with my sisters, trying to be a better " human". Although I am very polite and sweet, always trying to help another alive souls, I am always tying to get rid of envy, gula, and some bad feelings that I acquire here for to be a better human nymph witch girl.

Needing money in this world and forbidden to acquire them by magic ways, I work as a model in a big and famous store , while I am doing my task in this wonderful world.

Traveller by instinct I like to explore the others sims, specially those that has water and some days I have been around with the Expedition of Caledon, with my neighbours friends, to found new worlds.

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