Self-styled dream magickian and researcher Numinus Quandry resides in Maison Revante. An imposing structure on the western shore of Brigadoon, it is recognizable by the cyclopean "Q-Lens" on the face of the mansard roof. Strange lights have been seen emanating from the lens, and odd occurrences have spooked a few of the neighbors.

While dabbling in questionable modern sciences such as dream magick, transcendental meditation, electrical fluid conduction, sentience instillation, and object animation through spirit reflection and aetherial harmonics, Quandry soon convinced his childhood friend Shiloh Heliosense he could traverse the hypnogogic void between the land of Caledon and the land of Dreams. Not through use of the mind, as anyone would through a normal night's sleep--but bodily, and physically arrive in a new world.

While the disappearance has thus far been unexplained, Quandry claims during their first attempt, Shiloh was lost beneath the strange waves of the dreaming realm.

Shortly thereafter he acquired the parts to build a clockwork assistant--a turnkey girl he named Jylatia. Quandry still conducts his experiments, and claims he is searching his strange world in hopes of discovering his missing companion.

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