The Militia RP (roleplay) week was the finale to the Second Life Relay for Life Militia RP and was held during the second week of July 2007. Alfonso Avalanche and Lapin Paris together organised it to provide a final clash for the Militia members after the Neualtenburg war had run its course.

The conflict pitted the Red Team (infantry), led by Colonel Edward Pearse, against the Blue Team (cavalry), led by Colonel Mordecai Scaggs. It began with a very large wager between the two colonels at The Falling Anvil in Caledon Tamrannoch. Replaying an incident mentioned in Gulliver's Travels, the two colonels had a gentlemanly debate as to which end of the boiled egg is the proper one to open: the large or the small. The dialogue is recounted in the blog of Colonel Scaggs. The wager, with proceeds going to the RFL fund, would be for the victor of that week's militia games. The week went amicably enough, with a large number of pranks being played by one side on the other.

Thursday witnessed the RP invasion of Caledon by War of the Worlds style extra-terrestrials, and featured teamwork by all involved. The aliens attacked both camps and then proceeded to wreak havoc upon all of Caledon, as described in Colonel Pearse's blog. It is the opinion of many that had the RP ended on Thursday, the Militia RP week would have been an event of cherished memory.

The combat skirmish game played on Saturday was another story. Contemporaneous accounts called it the Great Primverness Exercise, Conflagration in Caledon, and Mess in Primverness. By many accounts, the event was a fiasco.

Set up as a capture-the-flag game between the Red and the Blue teams, and refereed by Miss Paris and Mr. Avalanche, the two teams were to defend points in Primverness. Problems began immediately. The Blue team was reported to have multiple flags, players were being routinely orbited and pushed out of the sim by parties unknown, and griefers were said to be in the area by some witnesses. The Red team left in protest, accusing the Blue team of cheating and inspiring critical comments by their own commander. In general, all sides agreed that the event was perhaps more complex than first imagined, and have relegated the last day of skirmish to the lessons learned category.

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