Daughter to Queen Onaugh and King Finnvara of the Seleighe Faerie Court of the Tuath de Danann, Tir na 'Og. I left my parents court to find my own way in the world. In my travels I met Her Grace Lavendar Beaumont. I came to Caledon at the bequest of my friend. At the time I presumed it to be another short adventure of the many of my life. Oh, if I had only known.... Caledon has stolen my heart! There is beauty wherever you turn. You see it in the architecture, the scenery, and above all in the people of Caledon. So, I bought land and am now a permanent resident of Caledon. O the tricks life plays on you. LOL

Though I spend most of my time in my new home , I have not lost my wanderlust. I still enjoy exploring and have traveled to some exciting and wonderful places. My passions are waterfalls, woodlands, and of course fairy rings. Come dance with me! LOL. Of course I love to dance, I am fey after all. Flirtatious, playful, lighthearted, carefree, - Fey – that’s me! So if you have a love of adventure and frivolity, come play with the fey!!!!

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