Miss Lydia Genevieve Bracken was born in Aryshire, Scotland, the second child of Sir John and Elisabeth Marie Bracken née Laurent. Lydia’s childhood was a study in contrasts. She has fond recollections of exploring the wild countryside as a child with her beloved brother James. The two would set off on various expeditions - the favorite being the carved Neolithic sandstone cliffs of the village of Ballochmyle near their home.

In the fall, Lydia and her mother would travel to her Grand-mère’s townhouse in Paris to enjoy the whirlwind of activity that accompanies the Parisian social season. The large crowds at the balls and parties were a challenge to Lydia's naturally shy personality. She found much greater pleasure exploring the museums, libraries, monuments, gardens, and cathedrals of the great city on her own. Just this past December, Lydia had the great honor of being accepted as a member of the Court of his Royal Highness Louis XIV. The beauty and society of Versailles are a touchstone to her Gallic roots.

Lydia was among the first group of women to enter St. Hilda's College, Oxford where she received a first-class degree in history.

Currently, Lydia resides in the beautiful Caledon Highlands. She is an unmarried woman of both independent means and spirit. Her days are spent pursuing artistic endeavors, most notably creating buildings and pastoral areas as well as art in all its myriad of forms. She was honored to assist Caledon librarian, Miss Alice Burgess, in the creation of the recent exhibition entitled "Please Sir, May I Have Some More: Students and Teachers Digest Dickens" at the Whitehorn Memorial Library in Caledon Victoria City. Lydia's favorite leisure activities include reading, dancing, traveling and exploring exotic locations, and recently, under the tutalge of Sir ZenMondo Wormser, En Garde.

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