LillieJay Mills

LillieJay Mills arrived in Caledon from parts unknown to found the Caledon Stormhold Riverside Mill with her new husband. His mysterious, accidental death, coupled with the authorities' inability to locate his body, has caused more than a few eyebrows to raise at the mention of the Mills name.

LillieJay inherited the Riverside Mill, along with Mills Retreat in Caledon Downs and family holdings in New Babbage and Winterfell Eventide, known as Wolfswood. She enjoys gathering mushrooms and minerals with the Mushroom Hunters of the Roses, and is a member of the Caledon Research Institute. When not operating the mill or tending her watch-crocodile, the Merry Widow can be found either gardening or wandering throughout the Realm of the Roses, searching for a clue to solve the mystery behind her husband's untimely demise. Searching for clues, or re-hiding remains......

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