I came to Caledon in the Spring of last year, new to the grid and looking to explore some areas outside the mainland. Caledon appealed because I thought it would be a place where people were polite and friendly, and I had no idea how right I would be!

One of the first people I met when I got here was my now husbad, Mordecai Scaggs. He agreed to show me around Caledon, and the Grid, etc. and I soon because his ward.

We enjoyed the Spring together and quickly fell head over heels for each other. We married this past October, and have been living in wedded bliss ever since.

I love coming home to Caledon to laugh and build, to play with friends, to be silly, and to just enjoy our places in Tanglewood and Kittiwickshire. You can usually find me fiddling with our plots, or redecorating the house *again*, cuddling with Mordecai, or at the latest Caledon get together raving with the best of them.

My life here is filled with so much joy, and I am so lucky to spend each day with my darling husband, living, laughing, and loving one day at a time, and having the time of my life.

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