Miss Juniper Easterwood arrived on the southwest corner of Caledon Dundee around the turn of a cold, economically depressing yet politically encouraging, year.

She arrived with a small amount of somewhat shabby luggage and her pet panther, Rumbles, in a wicker carrier. Her first act after establishing ownership of the mossy stone cottage now standing against the granite cliff was to put on a kettle and brew herself a cup of refreshing Earl Grey tea.

Few know the details of Miss Easterwood's somewhat eclectic life before her arrival at Caledon Dundee, but the few items carefully placed around the interior of "Juniper's Retreat" may give a clue to the extent of her travels and the range of her horizons, external and internal. Certainly those who have encountered her on the high street of Caledon Penzance attired in gentlemen's trousers and coat with tails or propelling her ancient rowboat around the isles of Caledon may gain a clue to the depths and varieties of Miss Easterwood's interests and attitudes.

She is who she is, and who she is is a very interesting woman indeed!

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