Former citizen of Caledon Tamrannoch before discorporeation. Icterus Dagger was the founder of Risen Demons.

His initial appearance in Caledon resulted in his Risen Demon form being bound to the grounds of the Tamrannoch Sanitorium. As time passed, he was able to travel throughout Tamrannoch, but his powers remained strongest near the Sanitorium. While patrolling Caledon as a Risen Demon, he helped defend Caledon from conventional and paranormal attack.

Prior to his discorporeation, Icterus lived on the Sanitorium tower roof at the request of Fourway Forwzy.

In his human form, Icterus designed and built various vehicles, including a steam-jet fireboat prototype given to the Caledon Volunteer Fire Brigade. He also created several garden items. The garden items were formerly for sale at Snook's Garden Centre, a joint endeavor with Soliel Snook. Upon his discorporeation, almost all of Icterus' items were removed from the Garden Centre, creating unneccesary and chaotic drama (happily, the Garden Centre recovered, and is doing quite nicely).


Icterus Dagger's origin remains a mystery. While he spoke often of becoming exiled from "hell", it is unclear just which hell he was exiled from. Icterus has suggested that his exile resulted from rebelling from his master in hell, and his striving to bring hope and enlightenment to people. It has been suggested that there may be a link between this "hell" and Real Life.


There has been some speculation about the reasons for Icterus Dagger's discorporeation. Some point to a persistent and growing intrusion of Real Life into his Second Life existence. Other reasons point to an in-world argument or misunderstanding, but as yet no definitive explanation is known. These possibilities have in turn led some to believe the Risen Demon experiment and philosophy to be a failure.


Unsubstantiated rumors of Icterus' appearance in-world began circualting almost immediately after his discorporeation. It has been suggested that for certain important events related to Caledon and his friends, Icterus gathers the necessary energy to corporeate for a short time.

Known AffiliationsEdit

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