A long time resident of the grid, new resident of the Steamlands. Owner of a significant fleet airships. He is the 1st Duke of Caledon Gearhaven, Archduke of the Neko Republic, the Caliph of the Sphinx-Order, the Esoteric Khan and ViceRegent of the ClockWork Militant, Chancellor of Armada.

A member of the deposed royal family of the Neko Republik, Lord Shatner is a significant share holder in the metaverse trading company - the Sphinx-Templar Trading Syndicate. Some claim he is a Moreau, although he does not discuss his lineage. He appears to be a blue leopard in victorian clothing. He is very much a proper gentleman.

Lord Shatner is rumored to connected with several pirate clans and thaumaturgical guilds including the Order of the Sphnix,  the College of Alchemy, Thaumaturgy and Chaos and the Order of Her Hidden Gnostic Majesty in Waiting.

Some rumors have accused him of connections to the Hidden Floating City of Armada. Although, Armada has been missing for many years and was believed to have been destroyed by the Swollen Ocean. It briefly resurfaced in the Victorian sea between Babbage and Mondrago before mysteriously disappearing after an attack by Mondrago Pirates.

In RL, Shatner is an entrepreneur, artist and traveller. He also maintains a significant presence outside the Steamlands in the Wastelands.