Rez day: 11/3/2006

Gilbert Sapwood is a storyteller, traveller and collector of tales, and the founder and driving force behind the Storytelling Guild of Second Life. He tells stories from the British Isles and from his oceanside home, tales of mystery, and the folklore of the Good People, wherever they may be found. He is committed to spreading the love of traditional storytelling in Second Life, and if there is a fireside, pub or gathering that needs a story, he has one ready. Available for private and public tellings, as short as required, or as long as a winter's night.

A resident of Brythony Caer Llyr, prior to it sinking beneath the waves, Gilbert found a new home in Zeppelinheim.

Gilbert maintains a controlling interest in Sapwood and Discovolante Treacle, Ltd. Sapwood & Discovolante was founded in 1894 by his grandfather, Egbert Sapwood and business partner Bellini Discovolante, grandfather of noted Caledonian Martini Discovolante. Up until late 2008, Sapwood & Discovolante's main treacle mine was located in Brythony, a extensive mine system which formed a rather sticky maze of tunnels under Brythony, and which may or may not have contributed to the sinking of Brythony by December 2008. Gilbert successfully drilled for export-grade treacle in Zeppelinheim, utilizing a much safer high-pressure piping system, rather than open shaft mining. In light of recent economic troubles, Gilbert diversified the company's interests, branching out into secondary processing with the introduction of treacle puddings, as well as cornering the Second Life succotash and lima bean market.

In July of 2009, Gilbert shifted the home of the Storytelling Guild of Second Life to Innovation Infoisland, in partnership with the ALS Innovation - "Future Libraries" group.

Gilbert loves hostas, stories, cats, ginger, soft boiled eggs, books, fairy raths, ethnology, nordic ecosystems, islands, tango, the Marshes of Sonaput, char kway teow, and ticking clocks.

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