Partner of Incanus Merlin, and co-regent of the Isles of Fatima. This part of the grid appears to be situated on a mildly volcanic area, producing an ever-larger growing landmass, now equivalent to 786000 square metres of land (as of March 2008). Land mass contains mostly residential Victorian lettings, plus my Antique Artistry home and garden store (located on Fatimas Art).

Incanus and Fatima maintain a consulate and holiday home on Caledon Cape Wrath - and offer an open welcome to anyone to feel free to drop by. Please note however that as the land is owned by a foreign potentate, it has diplomatic immunity and within its bounds none are subject to the laws of Caledon; however, no sanctuary is offered to miscreants and evil-doers, who will be handed across to the appropriate authorities on request and production of the appropriate extradition request, completed fully and completely and with three true copies.

The Isles of Fatima are committed to friendly relations with Caledon and its allies and look forward to a Victorian future! Long live the Isles! Long live Caledon!

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