Eleanor Ocheis, rezzed May 2nd and self titled as The "Lovely Anachronism", is the daughter of Aaron and Jennie Ocheis. At the age of eighteen, she was sent out into the world to make a life for herself since she was too headstrong to accept the arranged marriage that her parents had intended since her childhood. Fortunately, luck smiled upon her in this endevour and Eleanor was able to do so whilst keeping her dignity wholly intact, happening upon wonderful friends who lead her to Caledon.

Eleanor is a founding resident of Caledon Dundee and currently calls a remote spot of the region her home. Residing in a lilac Queen Anne inspired home that was custom built by Khyle Sion, a close friend, she spends much of her free time relaxing and enjoying the lovely view she has of the endless ocean. The area which contained her first home, also in Caledon Dundee, was recently converted into a garden retreat but still remains in her holdings. She is also the owner of the Nyasuu Acres PokeMon Preserve and Meowth Manor and Gardens, both located on the mainland in the sim of Celerio (home of the bunny-biting Mudkip and one of the few tolerable mainland areas).

She has been seen in various forms such as a unicorn, centaur, a wolf, an anthropomorphic cat, a mermaid, a young child and even a dragon but these are only costumes kept on hand for various themed events and outings.


Eleanor is fond of colorful ponies, flower gardening, tea tasting, dress shopping, attending social events and the rather unlady-like hobby of exploration and adventuring. She is an avid players of Tiny Empires and enjoys collecting photographs and items related both to the history of Second Life and to Caledon. She also indulges in roleplay in the far off land called Ambrea on occasion.

Eleanor has several close friends including Evan Ocheis, Julian Westminster, Leigh Tharnaby, Firion Serenity and Larxene Fallen who have all been invited to share her estate at various times as an 'escape' from the general populous of other uncultured areas. She has little tolerance though for ignorance and has been known to beat rude gentlemen upside the head with whatever is handy if they can't contain their crude expressions of lust or lack of intelligence in her presence.

In real life, she is the author of Anachronism and has drawn inspiration from her novel from her Second Life.

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