Owner of the Independent State of Caledon. Known to be busy with countless activites, often suffering from IM storms, Desmond often results in a small gathering anywhere in Caledon that he ventures, oftentimes in the newer sims, in Aldo Stern's tavern in Tamrannoch or Disraeli Calderwood's Fox & Hare Victorian Pub in Port Caledon.

Desmond was also a contributor to India Ingersoll's The Caledon Herald during its run, and has continued that practice on occasion in the Caledon Forums.

His title is "Guvnah". However, he is most frequently addressed simply as "Des" by commoner and noble alike, a style he encourages.

Desmond Shang has overseen the growth of his micronation from one sim to 45, with over 1000 citizens. A notable recent achievement is the opening of the university styled gateway sim Caledon Oxbridge as an entry point for newcomers to Second Life.

Known Groups/Businesses Edit

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