Denver Hax is believed to have had a very shady past before coming to Caledon, which he gets very evasive about. He has been known to tease residents with "one of the following statements is true" games and then refusing to say which one is true.

Hax is a builder of vehicles and lesser known Victorian oddities, and an experimenter in 'Things man was not meant to know'. He is inclined to the cultivation of very dangerous animals. (Rumors abound that these form the core of his Army of Darkness). Caledon was recently treated to one of these creatures, the fearsome Caledon Vorpal Bunny, during an exposition of his work kindly hosted by his great friend Dame Lapin Paris. He is known to have a mainland lair where he creates these abominations, the exact location of which is known to only a few. Access is believed to be highly restricted, and the area is "combat enabled"--it is possible the area is guarded by some of his experiments.

He is classified as a mad/evil scientist though outwardly he is respectable and polite. This could all be a front. As he tends to point out, "Professor Moriarty did not take out adverts in the Times," which may indicate a tendency to operate from the shadows.

Currently involved in the revitalisation of SteamSkyCity and getting up to no good, in between creating new "pranks" as he calls them.

Suspected of being a Tiny sympathiser, some whisper that he has links to the dreaded Tanglewood Liberation Front (unconfirmed).

May not be entirely innocent of the destruction of a Caledon region.

Resident of Eyre and SteamSkyCity.

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