Darkling Elytis, Lady Speirling, First Marquise of West Speirling Isle, Banshee of Tanglewood

a Lady by day, a delight if treated with respect by night.. approach with caution. and when the light is waxing or waning, who knows what strange facet will gleam?

a near Miss, a strange Lady, a wicked Mistress giggling maiden, snickering punk an eirish gypsy noble, dancing wildly and quaffing faster than you.

a strange bird indeed...

inworld photographer, architect, publisher of norty books Casting Director of Caledon Studios, Penzance writer, dreamer, artist, muse the punk in steampunk. fae. witch. creature of the night.

The Marquise (or Marchioness is she is sometimes called) speaks with a lilting, unique Irish accent that easily reveals her 16th century noble birth. She is sometimes called "the Lady Darkling", which would indicate that she was the eldest daughter of an Irish lord, and indeed it is the Tyrone coat of arms belonging to the O'Neill family that flies beneath the flag of Caledon on West Speirling Isle.

When questioned directly about her birth name, she usually demures and chooses not to answer. But she has been known to say to friends that the name Darkling is "truly, only a nickname", and that the surname "Elytis" was assumed "only a few decades ago".

How she has lived for four centuries and stayed looking so young is most likely due to her fae blood. A Lady in Caledon's steam-powered, clockwork-timed world, her skills clearly lie instead in the realm of magik. She shapes the weather of Speirling, has been known to power Tesla coils as a salon divertissement, and twists reality (and trees) into something beautiful and strange. A self-described "Caledonian patriot", Lady Speirling welcomes any and all to West Speirling Isle, to enjoy the sailing waters of the firth or the facilities for rest and renewal on the isle itself.

"Do mind the mermaids, however... they bite."

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