The notion of "Caledon Militia" can be be somewhat misleading when referencing the historical record of Caledon. Technically, every military group in Caledon, sanctioned or otherwise, is a militia of private citizens.

In a historical context, there are two militia groups of note that need to be clarified, especially when discussing events such as Relay for Life or the Neualtenburg War or the Militia RP week.

Caledon Militia

The First CALEDON MILITIA was formed by Colonel Exrex Somme some time in late 2006. This was quite informal in nature, and never held more than a few citizens. The purpose of the first Caledon Militia appeared mainly to be to commission custom uniforms and use military titles at parties. The concept of this unit was used as a springboard to create the Caledon RFL Militia. This group is still active though in a lull after the events of the SLRFL.

Caledon RFL Militia

The Relay for Life militia (also known as SLRFL Militia) was conceived of solely for roleplaying events pertaining to Second Life Relay for Life fund raising activities. The Captain and leader of the SLRFL Militia was Lady Lapin Paris, appointed by Guvnah Desmond Shang. She handled the day to day activities and scheduling of events like the War in Neualtenburg, the SL Miltia RP Skirimish game (aka "Mess in Primverness"), etc. Funds were raised via the time-honored (Victorian) method of purchasing a commission, with Captains starting at 500 Lindens and Colonels going up to 4000 Lindens. There was intended to be General option to be auctioned, but this never went ahead. Standard Combat Weapons (the Caledon Militia Rifle) were also sold through the offices of Gerami Fizz at Fizzworks. Uniforms for the Infantry (red tunic, black trousers) and Cavalry (blue tunic, white trousers, often supplemented by Cuirasser armor and helmet) were commissioned from Edward Pearse.

The SLRFL militia was disbanded directly after the conclusion of the Relay for Life.

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