I drifted around for a while with no direction until I met Dagda McMillan and he swept me off my feet. The ironic part is that he's the brother to my best friend's husband. And yes, they set us up and played matchmakers at one of her famous Elven teas. Dagda quickly became the center of my universe and he introduced me to Caledon. We've enjoyed going to the Balls ever since we first attended one, that being a Civil War ball in December 2007.

We currently live in a lighthouse on a beach with 5 dogs, 1 hyena, 1 cat, 4 fish, 1 leopard, 1 panther, 5 drakelets, 1 jaguar (no Partidge in a pear tree) and our beautiful children, Kane and Bronwyn. I'm beginning to think we should open a zoo.