• Name: Caledon Brigadoon
  • Owner: Desmond Shang
  • Rating: Mature
  • Anounced:
  • Founded: 5th December 2007
  • Opened: 15th December 2007
  • SLURL: []


Founding CitizensEdit

Current ResidentsEdit

Lundie StreetEdit

No. 2 Vandeverre's Emporium (Cyn Vandeverre)
No. 3 Lala Pennell
No. 4 De Cymru Mwyaf Newydd (Tanarian Davies)
No. 5 Theobald Denimore
No. 6 The Hermitage (Janus Fotherington)
No. 7 LillieJay Mills
No. 8 Peaches Latrell
No. 9 Elena Odell
No. 11 - 13 Marcus Tairov

Fiona StreetEdit

No. 1 - 2 Point WellTaken (Mari Asturias)
No. 3 & 6 Z & D Trading Co.
No. 4 Goode Inventions and Goode & Son Trading Co. (Garth Goode)
No. 5 LJS Enterprises and Main Store (Lolaa Georgette)
No. 9 - 10 Lala Pennell

Coastal properties not on a street Edit

No. 8 - 9 Hrolf's Household (Hrolf Engebretsen, Anya Daligdig)

Notes of possible interestEdit

The first dance party was held within 10 minutes of the opening of Brigadoon.

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