Antiquity is a Victorian-period-themed set of sims which also includes some enthusiastic pirate activity at various levels and 'Antiquity Texas'. The rulers of Antiquity are the Grand Duke Gregg Barrymore and the Grand Duchess Angel Magellan; their Governor is AngusGraham Ceawlin. One of its leading citizens, Baroness Hope Coakes, described it thusly: 'Antiquity is 14 Contiguous SIMs with Navigable Water covering more than half.... Antiquity is a Role Play Sim that recreates the culture and lifestyle of 200 years ago, before the Industrial Revolution darkened the skies with it's Steam and Smoke!' [sic]

Antiquity may be responsible for the enthusiastic outburst of En Garde! activity in Caledon, as they seem to have had the first piste in 19th-century realms. They currently have several in their open-space sporting sim, Antiquity Forest, and host the team 'Kilt by Antiquity'.

The Antiquarian Navy is extremely active, and hosts practice battles every week in the country's extensive open waters. They are members of the Fleet Cooperative Council.